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07 omg 08  
06:04pm 31/12/2007
07 you've gone by so fast
but i love you
08 here we all come
i guess i wanna start off and end the year on a positive note
i wanna be closer to my friends
i wanna be with my friends more
i wanna lose weight lmfao
i just wanna have fun
i want more peace within my family and less problem
lets hope for the best
cos 08 baby its a whole new year
and a whole new me.
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(no subject)  
09:55pm 27/12/2007

earings and bob xmasgift for me :D
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09:52pm 24/12/2007
xmas ever.
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midterm essay  
12:31am 21/12/2007
This peice is played in the gclef also known treble
clef. Following this we see a sharp sign also knwon to be
an accidental this is called the key signature and tells you what
key your on. The Fraction looking numbers is the time signature
idicates the beats for measure, in this case is 3/4 therefore
having 3 beats per measure. "pima" a phrase used to number the
fingers on your right hand Pulgar = Thumb Indice = Fore Finger
Medio = Middle Finger Anular = Ring Finger and when the lets
show it should be played respectivly.At measure 3 we see a "S"
with a slash through it, this is a sign and would be used when
we get to the coda, playing through the song we get to measure
6 and there we see a 2 above the note A and a 4 above the note
Fsharp, the two means second finger and the A should be played
with that finger on the left hand ,there is also a 1 and that
 will be played with your first finger from your left hand. as we reach measure 10 we have a repeat sign
and also a first ending, this means first time only, and only
repeat from meaure 3 whenre the other repeat sign is facing backwards
and instead of playing measure  you skip that and play measure 11
which is the second ending.at measure 14 and 15 we see a sharp sign
infront of the note G, what we do here is raise the note
a half step becoming Gsharp. after this we continue up to measure
22 here we reach a double bar line which means the end, but there is a
D.S al Coda which means we go back to the sign, remember that S sign
i was talking about?,we head back up to measure3 where the sign is
located every things the same up to measure9 here we have a To Coda
this means go to the coda which is located at the bottom. after you
play measure9 we leap across the sheet music to the bottom at measure23
and until the end the last chord we have a formatta and this allows
you to extend the value of the note.as we reach to a double bar line
and a fine we have complete the wonderful peice.

dont bother its for school.
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01:05am 20/12/2007
days till im 16
fucking awesome.?!
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Im No Superman.  
12:49am 20/12/2007
It's Just me against the world
With not one to turn to
Is there a conspiract within me?
You said my dreams would last forever
Where can i turn now?
'Cause you took its' hand and left
I need something more
My life is ticking like a clock
Without you i might break
We agreed as a promise
And distorted into a label
When did i lose my powers?
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I Am  
06:56pm 17/12/2007
I am a Musician and a Photographer
I wonder if the two worlds would collide
I hear the riot of emotions screaming from a picture
I see life through the lens of a camera
I want this escape of reality
I am a Musician and and P

I pretend that status is Content
I feel the music pumping through my veins
I touch the many people who are not alone
I worry that their is no world for tomorrow
I cry when my only memory is just a photograph
I am a Musician and a Photographer

I understand that life Is a perception of your own reality
I say music is a harmonic connection between people
I dream that a musical path awaits me
I try to look at life from the opposite end of the spectrum
I hope to be on people's ipods
I am a Musician and a Photographer.

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06:54pm 17/12/2007

Xmas Concert At The Sharaton Hotel
Miami Rock orchestra performs
Carol of the bells
tags: beethoven
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09:58pm 13/12/2007
letting go is probably the best option
he's smuthering you
can you even breathe
you took my breathe away
you probably have enough to last.
but when you can breathe again
ill be right there just waiting
for you id be here forever
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What Do You Have To Say? - What Winter Means To Me  
09:47pm 13/12/2007
What does winter mean to you?
What Winter means to me is love. A time to be home in a cozy room with people that you love
around you if not in your thought, a time where we can let some problem slide and to enjoy
the break, or vacation,, ill hopefully turn this into a party fest because my birthday is the 26
and its always winter and there always no school, how ever sharing special moments with
the friends and family is what winter in general means to me, oh and also snow but
in florida there is no snow ><!
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